Awesome Usenet, super-duper prices

Because we only have one package, no tryouts, mediocre service and an awesome control panel, we can offer great prices. Go for us now!

Get cheap Usenet

The best for less

Hey there, where are you are you asking? You're at StingyUsenet!

Here at StingyUsenet we like Usenet, we like using it and we don't like paying too much for it. And since you're here, we think that you don't like paying too much either! StingyUsenet is a no-nonsense Usenet provider, good speeds and awesome retention. In our opinion you don't need anything else.

We only have three options STINGY 30, STINGY 180 and STINGY 365. These options are the days you get the package. They all have nice prices. The longer you get, the less you pay per month! Unlike other providers, we're not spoiling (and make you pay more) with Trucks and VPN services. Because let's be honest: as a bear has no tail, for a lion he'll fail.



30 days for only €4,95. It's cheap, really cheap.


SSL is enabled by default. You don't have to worry about safety.


We offer Unlimited speed with 50 connections. Faster than the speed of light.


Retention is 2400 days and counting.

Stingy support

Check out our stingy support page. We do not have a lot of support information, but what's here is here. Create a ticket if you want to know more. Please mind: because we're cheap we don't have 10 support people. It might take some time!

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