What can I expect from you guys?

Awesome speed and a decent retention and that’s it I guess. We think that these are the two most important things when it comes to Usenet, so that is what you get. Not much more to expect with our ridiculous cheap prices.

What are the specifications?

The Stingy plan in detail:

  • Unlimited speed
  • 50 connections
  • 2400+ days retention
  • SSL enabled

Good things do not need explanation, give us a go and experience it yourself. Order now!

And what if I do need support?

You can contact us, no problem. But do not expect to get a reply within an hour. Sometimes we do, most of the time we don’t. We need an extra job to keep this servers running because of the super cheap prices we offer you guys.

What is the address of your news server?

Pretty simple,

What ports can I use to connect to your server?

You can use these ports to connect:

  • 80, 119
  • 563, 443 (SSL)

You are cheap, but are you safe?

Of course we are, we get ourselves tested every now and then. Okay, that’s a joke. Yes we are, SSL comes standard with the plan we give to you.

Are you watching over my shoulder to see what I am doing on Usenet?

Hell no! We do not log what you do on Usenet.

I know how to get information off of Usenet, but can I post to Usenet as well?

Our servers allow it in any case. Just use the same server address.

Is account sharing allowed?

We do not like sharing, we keep our ice cream for ourselves. So no, account sharing is not allowed. Tell your friends about us rather than sharing your account.

Do you offer a refund for any reason?

Uuuh, probably not. Because your money is already well spent on new high techy equipment for our server farm (or on hamburgers). But hey, if you really think you should get a refund, contact us and we will work things out.

My question is not in this faq, where to go?

Try Google! You can find your answer there probably. But you can also open a ticket through your Control Panel and we will come back to you, eventually. No customer yet but still want to ask something? Use our contact form.