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Introducing Bitcoin payments
Posted 5 months ago by Olivia Taylor

Hi all!

Today is a HUGE day for StingyUsenet. We have finally introduced...No actually it's not that exciting.

We just wanted to let you know we accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash from now on. This means you can do some awesome anonymous payments. We've already had it ready for a couple of weeks, but we were just too lazy to enable it. So we enabled it; if you promise us you won't do anything shady with it.

Check out what Bitcoin is

We've also built some new features for you to enjoy right away in your Control Panel. You can now view your traffic usage LIVE. Isn't that awesome?

What are you waiting for:

Order now!

Bye now.

StingyUsenet and AffiliateFarm combine powers!
Posted one year ago by Nils de Wilde

Hey thurr,

We can’t do it all by ourselves and still wanted to offer our customers the opportunity not only to enjoy our great Usenet service but also to earn some money with it.

And that is why we can proudly state that we have combined our powers with AffiliateFarm.

Using AffiliateFarm it is possible to make money by attracting new customers to StingyUsenet.

The advantages of AffiliateFarm:

  • Earnings are recurring, meaning that every order a customer does earns you money.
  • Commissions are life-time.
  • AffiliateFarm has a minimum pay out of just € 100,-
  • You'll get a € 25,- starting fee. For free.

Register with AffiliateFarm and start earning money right away.

Register now on AffiliateFarm

We hope you will earn a lot of money using AffiliateFarm!


Our only product: STINGY
Posted one year ago by Olivia Taylor

Let me tell you more about the only product we offer: STINGY

We choose to make it simple, for you of course. But in the same time for ourselves. That's why we came up with the best of everything in one product.

And to make it even more simple we named it STINGY! The benefits of STINGY:

  • Amazing Price
  • 1250+ days retention
  • Unlimited speed
  • Secure connection

We do not offer STINGY in a recurring subscription, you pay for the days you want. No less, not more. We offer STINGY is three different periods of days: You can choose between 30, 180 and 365 days, ordering more days gets you an even beter price!

Ready to join the STINGY crew?

Order now!

StingyUsenet is online!
Posted one year ago by Nils de Wilde

Waddup all!

StingyUsenet is the new kid in town and here to convince you of what we can do.

Well, actually we don't do that much. We will provide the best and fastest servers there are and all of that for the best price you can find.

With the absurd low price we are offering there is something we had to skip on being the best in. We choose support, it's there but sometimes not as fast as you want it to be.

So, do you think you know what you are doing and in search of a good and cheap usenet provider? StingyUsenet is here for you!

Come check out our one and only plan and order today!

Check out StingyUsenet