Acceptable Use Policy

The acceptable usage is updated per 23-01-2019

The acceptable usage policy has been outlined to safeguard the following:

  • Ensure that our subscribers can enjoy the highest level of performance and reliability when using our services.
  • Enforce legal use of our services by our subscribers.
  • Protect our subscribers and their/our equipment from harm.
  • Protect our image and reputation a responsible usenet access provider.
  • Prevent legal action against our subscribers, company, directors, employees and associated companies.

The acceptable use policy outlines what we deem to be misuse of our service and the action we take for such abuses.

The acceptable use policy is inextricably apart of the terms and condition, and therefore by subscribing and using our services you have accepted to adhere to this policy agreement.


The subscribers should be fully aware that StingyUsenet does not publish any content of its own on to Usenet. We are not responsible for any content that is available to you to access through our service. StingyUsenet will provide the technical access to servers that belong to third parties, which will grant the user access to the global Usenet service. The subscriber understands that we can not exert any influence or control of the service that they receive and content that is available to the subscriber. The subscriber must use their own judgement when accessing anything through the service. Usenet is a global computerised network, where messages are exchanged automatically between other Usenet networks without any human intervention. The enormity of information that flows between these networks makes it impossible to monitor and moderate the content that is available on Usenet. Subscribers are prohibited from posting, transmitting, distributing or storing any form of material through our services that is unlawful under Dutch law and international law Subscribers are only allowed to use our services for lawful purposes and for the sole use by the account holder. The subscriber must ensure that their login details remain confidential, as he/she is accountable for all actions through the use of their account. You agree that we may make changes from time to time to this policy, and you are required to ensure that you are up to date with any changes by visiting our website periodically.

Net Etiquette

Usenet is a global communication system that connects you with people from diverse backgrounds. We value your right for freedom of speech, however it is required that you treat everyone with respect and courtesy when expressing your views. It is unacceptable to you use your account to harass, threaten any of our members or another person/organisation. If you are found to be committing such abuse you will be given a warning to stop this conduct. If you continue to ignore our warnings, at our discretion you account will be suspended or even terminated depending on the seriousness of your actions.

Posting Rights

All our services allow our subscribers to post messages on to our systems, which will be automatically distributed throughout the global Usenet networks. It is therefore required that you use your posting rights responsibly and do so within the law of the United Kingdom. You are not allowed to post any material that may be unlawful, cause nuisance or harm to any individual/organisation, or damage computer/electrical equipment or circumvent any system/software. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Posting messages/content that is defamatory, harassing, threatening, or obscene etc
  • Posting of computer viruses, Trojans, spyware, key loggers or anything that can infringe privacy, or cause damage to computer or network systems etc.
  • Posting of cracks, key generators, serial/license numbers etc
  • Posting of spam, chain letters, pyramid systems, gambling etc.
  • Posting of trademarks, trade secrets, patents, copyrighted works or other proprietary rights without the permission of the copyright or right holder.
  • Posting of individuals under the age of 18 in any form.
  • Posting of any unlawful material in any form.

We have the right to remove the posting rights of any subscriber that is found to be abusing their posting rights. In serious cases, such as child exploitation, we will terminate access permanently without notice. We will notify the relevant authorities of any illegal posts, such as the Internet Watch Foundation, Child protection agencies, Police etc, where appropriate.


You are not allowed to use our services to transfer or store any copyrighted works without prior permission from the copyright holder. We will terminate any account that is being used for repeat copyright infringement.

Excessive Use

It is our aim to provide all our subscribers with the highest level of performance and reliability when accessing our service. Our unlimited accounts are not to be used as a dedicated connection. Any subscriber using our services unreasonably in a way which has a detrimental effect on the service we provide to all our other subscribers, may have their speeds reduced or in the case of constant unreasonable use their account may be suspended or terminated without notice. It is also our right to prohibit the renewal of your account with us to prevent further abuse. It is at our sole discretion what we believe to be unreasonable use.

Account Misuse

All our account is for the sole use of the account holder (Subscriber). The account or login details can not be shared with others in any circumstances. The account can only be accessed through a single IP address at any one time. You are not allowed to connect via a proxy of any kind. You are not allowed to resell or use our account for commercial purposes. You are not allowed to use any type of multi-access or caching system. We will suspend or terminate any account that we believe is being misused without notice. The acceptable use policy only outlines the main type of abuses and is not to be deemed exhaustive. You agree that it is at the sole discretion of our company, to decide what is deemed acceptable, and we have the right to take what action we see fit for each case. As a responsible usenet access provider we will notify and work with the relevant authorities of any illegal activities, such as the Police, Internet Watch Foundation, and any Child Protection Agencies etc.