Halloween promotion: 30% discount

Halloween promotion: 30% discount

Posted at 29-10-2021 12:00 by Olivia Taylor

Hola hermanos y hermanas

Everyones' talking 'bout dat Halloween. Like we get scared easily. We da Stingy people.

Only thing we like about Halloween is the sweets. We like things we couldn't have as kids. Right?

We also couldn't have discounts when we were kids (because we didnt pay for anything). For that reason you get your discount now.

And to all the ghosts: Catch me outside, how bout that?

Ho Ho Ho Merry Halloween

As of right now until Friday November 5th (12:00 CET), you'll get a super stingy 30% discount on everything!

You can find your discount in your Control Panel. Click on the Discount tab and redeem your discount.

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PS. Be nice to the witc...ehh, mother-in-law!