Mother Language Day promotion: 30% discount

Mother Language Day promotion: 30% discount

Posted at 19-02-2021 12:00 by Olivia Taylor

Hi all!

Zeg het in je eigen taal! (translate this weird sentence)

The Ethnologue is a list of all languages in the world. The first publication of the Enthologue was in 1951 and started off with 46 languages. Nowadays, the total number of languages included in the Enthologue is 7117 to be precise. If you will count dialects with these languages some people say you can count up to 41000 languages/dialects around the globe!

As "Wash your hands" is a sentence that's spreaded around the world many many times the last year. We found an address were you can find "Wash your hands" in 635 languages. Do with it what you want. (Wash your hands)

Just to say, mother languages are awesome! That's why: as of right now until Friday the 26th of February (12:00 CET), you'll get a 30% discount!

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Bedankt dat jullie voor StingyUsenet kiezen! (Thanks)