Pastrami Sandwich Day promotion: 30% discount

Pastrami Sandwich Day promotion: 30% discount

Posted at 14-01-2022 14:00 by Olivia Taylor

Hi all!

There’s nothing like the smokey goodness of a Pastrami sandwich. Long considered an icon of the classic Jewish New York deli, this delicious sandwich has made it out of the boroughs to delis around the world. Lucky you! National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day is January 14, and our mouths are watering just thinking about how we’re going to celebrate.

Not in the ability to search for a deli that can make you the perfect Pastrami Sandwich? Here is a recipe to make the perfect Pastrami at home:
Be aware that this will take up to +/- 120 hours to make.

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When you eat a hot pastrami sandwich, you’re not just enjoying the intens flavor, you’re enjoying the love that put it on your plate!