Finally Valentines day is over!

Finally Valentines day is over!

Posted at 17-02-2020 13:30 by Olivia Taylor

Hey there y'all

So, it's finally over. Valentines day. This weekend was filled with fake-love and commercial gift-giving. We were sick and tired of all the sweetish hearts, chocolate, flowers and other gifts because someone decided this should happen on the 14th of Febuary. I mean, what's in it for all the singles?

Because we understand that not everyone had someone to share this (super sweet) weekend with, we thought we'd make it up to our single customers (and everyone else, of course). So we've decided to throw in a 25% discount.

And that's why: As of right now until Monday the 24th of February (12:00 CET), you'll get 25% discount on everything!

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Muchas gracias and adios amigos