Cheesesteak Day promotion: 30% discount

Cheesesteak Day promotion: 30% discount

Geplaatst op 24-03-2021 14:00 door Olivia Taylor

Hi all!


The cheesesteak was born in the 1930's, created by Pat and Harry Oliveri, hot dog vendors who just so happened to put steak on the grill. After that, in 1940 The Pat's open their own restaurant in South Philly, Pat's King of Steaks. The cheesesteak evolves and in 1950 the company Kraft Food developed Cheez Whiz, which then became the number one choice cheese for the cheesesteak sandwich!

In 1966 Pat's King of Steaks gain rivals across the street, Gino's Steaks opens their restaurant. Being it pretty friendly rivals, they came up to start a National Cheesesteak Day in the USA. So by then, the National Cheesesteak Day was born!

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